Upset Crab

Play as an upset crab with a long sword trying to take over a dungeon. Fight through 7 handcrafted levels with a final boss at the very end!


  • ARROWS - move
  • X - Attack
  • C - Heal
  • SPACE - Roll


All art and work was done by Sam Drugan (samlowercase)

Fonts come from Humble Fonts by somepx


Download 14 MB
Download 25 MB
Download 13 MB
UpsetCrab.apk 21 MB

Development log


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why include wasd if there is no option to select?

only complaint is that the player gets wayyyy too many health potions


Merece mas apoyo y el unico error que note es en la reaccion de controles en todo lo demas es bien 90/10 y god de paso

This was really enjoyable! It's a quick game to play but there are some nice chances to strategize through the levels and the boss at the end was a neat twist on the enemies before. It was good fun being a sword wielding crab

Amazing game

this game is to easy it needs to be harder because I beat it on the first try

very nice game. after dying in the tutorial once, i managed to beat it first try.

so true

very cute! thank you :)

i love it

Niceeeee ! Greetings from Romania!

Thanks for playing!!


this game's mechanics are fun but you should make it more difficult. 8/10


Good and fun game. But I think it's can be better with music. and too easy. Boss is suck. too many potion. Potion delay is too short. and it's should be low stamina animation. btw I'll waiting for full game *-*


Buen juego entretenido, hay que agregar más contenido solo eso falta


Really like it.


Very fun. Maybe a sequel is needed? even if not, I still loved the work. :)


fun, but too easy.


c r a b



Very noice, I personally found it quite easy.


Great Game!


Fun game but I can't seem to use the roll?

Very cute art!


Very fun!


mmmmmm hola, tengo una pequeña recomendación xd, cuando te pasa a uno de esos enemigos voladores con un ojo te siguen muy raro. Porque no hace que se vuelvan y te  ataquen (mi opinión)


Great game! I feature it in my video!

Take a look!


fun little game

Thanks for playing!


fortythreesam i am sorry but this crab will die many times for the sins of another crab


Local crab literally too upset to die



ez game


Yea shut up


well your face is dumb



A crab with a sword deserves to be strong!


The crab will only get stronger. Nice video, thank you!


Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept of the game is actually pretty funny.

-The gameplay mechanics work really great and are really fun.

-The visual style really fits the game and makes it very enjoyable.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the video and comments! Glad you enjoyed it!


Simple and well executed with a touch of novelty. Great work!

Thank you!


Love it! I like how you can get the pokey frogs to kill each other.


It’s one of my favourite features! Thanks for playing!


Nice work, I love the artwork and the theme is pretty original


Thank you! I’m glad you like the art :)